Volunteers are essential to keeping our swim team running smoothly! The good news is that most jobs require no prior experience or knowledge of the sport, you get to spend time with great people, and you are supporting your child's love of swimming!

Although we do not require a specific number of volunteer hours per family, nor is there a financial penalty for not volunteering, our expectation is that every MONT family volunteers.

At Meets- If your swimmer is attending a meet, expect to volunteer!

For each meet your swimmer attends, you will be asked to sign up for a timing shift. These are typically 90 minutes long. You will be shown what to do at the meet: either using the stop watch, the timing plunger or recording times. Bonus: timers often get water and snacks, you always have somewhere to sit, and you get front row seats!).

Additionally, our team canopies need to be taken to the meet and brought back. They fit in most cars without a problem, and there are always other parents on hand to help set them up and take them down.

Other Important Volunteer Jobs- Sign up here- Descriptions below


  • Attends 1 to 2 meetings a session to discuss policy and budget. Sends out informational emails to team families. Functions as team manager and general volunteer coordinator.


  • Attends 1 to 2 meetings a session to discuss policy and budget. Manages book keeping, insurance, payroll, taxes, applications, policy making. Includes Tax Return Prep.


  • Attends 1 to 2 meetings a session to discuss policy and budget. Facilitates Registration (both MONT and USA Swimming).

Safe Sport Representative

  • Liason between MONT and the USA Swimming Safe Sport Representative. Renews MST Safe Sport application every 2 years (next due 8/2024).

Zone 2 Rep

  • A parent to attend the monthly Pac Swim meetings (10 in all, 3rd Monday of the month) via zoom, only if Bill is unable to be attend.  Main purpose is to be present for attendance taking so team qualifies for certain privileges. A great way to learn what's going on in Pac Swimming.

New Guppy Family Liaison

  • Reach out to new families and be a contact for questions and support. Host a new family orientation and Q&A before the first swim meet of the session (twice/year).

MONT-Hosted Meet Director and Co-Director

  • One director has experience from the year before, the other director learns from the more experienced. The next year the “learning” director becomes the experienced. Organizes the meet, secures/rents the facilities, creates and distributes meet sheet, regulates entries through Swim Connection and organizes parent volunteers.

MONT-Hosted Meet Snack Bar

  • Works with meet director on snack bar planning, secures required permit, leads team to organize food for sale, set up and run Snack Bar at the meet.

MONT-Hosted Meet Hospitality

  • Works with meet director on hospitality planning. Lead team to organize meals and snacks for officials/coaches/timers.

Technology/Website Manager

  • Manages MONT website, including updating website with upcoming meets, meet results, records and info from the Board. Responsible for entering swimmers in meets via HYTEC when entries are not via swim connection. Uploads swimmers results to meet manager software.

Meet Officials

  • We need an expanded group of volunteers to be trained and certified to officiate at meets. Teams are expected to provide a certain number of officials at each meet, depending upon the number of swimmers entered. If our commitment goes unfulfilled, our team will be fined $250/meet/per missing official.

Meet Official Coordinator

  • Ensures that MONT fullfils requirement for officials at each meet (create spreadsheet for meets each season, and sends reminders prior to meets). Keeps track of carded officials as well as shadow volunteer participation. Encourage new parents to become carded officials by providing information on how to pursue certification, announcing officials training sessions, and mentoring shadows.

Awards Banquet Coordinator

  • Organizes volunteers and coordinates the annual Awards Banquet in January/February.

Awards Banquest Slide Show Coordinator

  • Collects electronic photographic images of swimmers at meets etc. from team families and produce a slide show with music for our annual Awards Banquet. Collects individual photos of swimmers from team photographers to be used at Banquet, coordinates slide show with Bill's speeches to include individual photo of each swimmer during speeches.

Awards Banquet Decorations Lead

  • Work with banquet coordinators on decoration strategy and budget. Inventory existing decorations, procure additional items for the year. Collect re-usable decorations at the end of the event and store for the next year.

Team Photographers

  • Takes photos of swimmers at swim meets and other MONT events to possibly be used at the annual banquet. Takes photos of swimmers for the official swim portraits used during the Awards Banquet.

Timing Coordinator

  • Has a timing sign-up chart prepared for each day of each meet, makes sure all assigned MONT timing chairs are filled.

September Ice Cream Social Lead

  • Coordinates and purchases ice cream etc for the first family gathering in the Fall.

Spring Potluck Lead

  • Organizes Spring Potluck and BBQ (in May). Confirm date with Bill (same day as team picture) before first meet of season. Send out sign ups, arrive mid day to place table cloths and "reserved for MST" signs on tables

Annual Team T-shirt Orders

  • Places and distributes annual t-shirt/sweatshirt orders, collects payments.

Team Store

Team Canopy Transportation Coordinator

  • Coordinates transportation for the team canopies to swim meets. This job does not require that you attend every meet. If you are unable to transport the canopy yourself, you can find some one else to do it, or you could even create a sign up sheet for the whole season.

Team Canopy Storage (starting March 2023)

  • While Roberts Park renovations continue, store our two team canopies in between meets. Make them available for transportation to and from meets.

Fundraising Coordinator

  • 2 parents to coordinate and organize events during the year to raise funds to support the team’s financial health. (Adult Swim Lessons, Etc)

Swim Cap orders

  • Solicit orders for swim cap, creates sign-up sheet, places orders (to include: personalized caps, xtra team caps, meet star caps), collects payments.

SLO Coordinators

  • Research options and coordinate with hotels in San Luis Obispo for a room block for families. (starts in January). In Fall, reserve Arroyo picnic area at Cuesta Park from SLO County Parks for the Saturday night of Firecracker meet. In mid June, determine attendance, and collect payment for dinner. Have used Tahoe Joes in 2016-2019. Costco and Smart and Final on Friday for supplies. Cordinate water ballon toss and other picnic games. Solicit help from other parents!