For the very first time in MST team history, we are very pleased to launch our first online team store. Here you will find apparel, parkas, backpacks, caps - all ready to order directly with shipping straight to your house. Shop the Montclair Swim Team Store!


Special for Caps and Parkas - these are personalized, so we will order in batches. We will email out order timing and information each season.
Special Prices - We have worked hard with our vendor to get the very best prices possible. You will notice, in some cases, a significant reduction from the Spring prices. This is in part due to our negotiations talents, part as the Spring pricing is a team fundraiser and covers the cost of the "free" swimmer shirts. Enjoy the savings and stock up!
Swag Ideas - This is our very first start of the store. Please share your ideas of items you  would like to see. With enough demand, we will add them. We will also do our best to keep the site fresh!
Please direct any questions or ideas for the store to  [email protected].
Thank you and happy shopping!!